Friday, July 19, 2013

I should be helping you with your move.....................

Dearest Mom and Dad
So, here's the thing....................Children should be there to help their elderly parents move - but I am not............................. I am Sorry!!!

While you and Dad are frantically loving Charlotte and I spend some time in the sun!

I am still not eating meat - but we are loving all the seafood - I made a chillie, prawn and avo pizza the other day!! Vaughn had two!!!

Squash loves the wool lying around at the moment!

To raise much needed funds for our 60km walk we are holding little workshops at the Buderim group on Thursday night. This is what I taught the other night - but I have the feeling that I was a bit of a grumpy teacher!!!!

I am sending this crochet bag to Nunu - whether she uses it or not does not worry me! Maybe she can keep her socks in it???

I still gaze at this quilt on my blog - I will get to see it again on Tuesday. We are going to a talk on antique quilts and it will be there!!

I had coffee with Ady - I have not seen her in AGES - it was good to see her - we literally never stop talking!!!!
Someone posted this photo on Facebook - can you see a little Vaughn in it????

Good luck with the move, Mom!

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