A quick post........................

Dearest Mom,
Your new home looks so beautiful! I am sure that you and Dad will be very very happy there.
I was having a lovely week until I realised that I had to make a "teaching sample" for the editors of the book. Worked frantically for a few days until Vaughn emailed them - we were then informed that an error had been made and I was only due to have it done by October!!!!

Debs and I are still in fundraising mode - we were very fortunate to have Maureen come and do a trunk show for us at Buderim as a fundraiser. You will love Maureen's quilts, Mom. Pop onto www.buderimpatchwork.blogspot.com !

The weather has been lovely and getting a bit warmer - a sure sign of warmer weather is Gemsquash being carried!!

I spent a lovely morning with my new crazy class from Caloundra - we went choosing fabrics and then stopped off for tea. I enjoyed a delicious KOEKSISTER!!!

Vaughn and I went to see a play in Brisbane - so good - then because it was a gorgeous day, we went for a walk. Do you recognise this area? I think you went there on your "train trip"???

I have started joining my scrappy half square triangles I cut a while back!!

Mom, your new land line number is still not working for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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