An evening at Cathy's

Dearest Mom and Dad
So here's the thing, Blogspot has changed stuff around and I have no idea how it works  - so if this post is all over the shop - I am sorry. 
While Vaughn was in Sydney I had time to tack this scrap quilt that I started during the last rugby season. I am hoping to have it quilted by Easter as Gareth wants to take it back with him to Canberra - but it is HUGE - so maybe I will have to post it to him instead.

It's a good thing that I have another quilt to work on as Charlotte quite enjoys sleeping on the hexie one!!

Margret, Jane and I spent a lovely evening at Cathy's - I had WAY too much wine to drink - thank goodness Jane was there as my driver!!!!  Cathy was binding this quilt.......

.............that she had made for this cause............

Margret had been on ANOTHER overseas trip and came back bearing gifts..........

Here she is hard at work and sober!!!!

She is English paper piecing a quilt - but she needs to loosen up a bit - me thinks she is a tad anal when it comes to storing her covered papers!!!!!


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