Guinea fowls and baked goods.......

Dearest Mom and Dad
Well, Button spent her first day as a student of the University of Sydney. Dad, that will make you happy - both my children are at Uni - following in your footsteps!!!
Mom, here is the recipe for the chocolate slice from "Inner Pickle" - it is pretty rich - but delicious - keep it in the fridge. Read the whole post, because she does change it slightly. It does call for "Nice" biscuits - which I don't think you can get in South Africa - but I think "Tennis" biscuits will work. Do you remember how many packets of Tennis biscuits I ate when I was pregnant with Button?????

I know that this is strange - but I find this quite beautiful. I know, I know...... You should have of seen Vaughn's face when I told him that I wanted to take a photo of it!!!!! Poor man......... Well, I wanted to grow a plant in this old enamel teapot - so Vaughn made holes in the bottom for drainage - and this is the result.

I went to visit Marie the other day - her cat is HUGE - he doesn't look big in the photo - but he is well over 10kg. He was feral but gradually made himself comfortable in their home. He now follows her everywhere - just like "Seventy five" did with you...........

Marie LOVES op-shops - she bought this for $4.00..............

..............isn't the workmanship amazing??

They have guinea fowls!!! Reminded me of Africa!!

Gemsquash rather enjoys it when I am in the sewing room putting crazy blocks together - there is fabric everywhere and she makes little nests amongst it all.

Finally, just have a look at my tomatoes!!!!!!!!!! Because they are in boxes I could move them out of the rain (torrential AGAIN) - which was a good thing - as I think they were rotting - but look at them now!!!

Happy days - Gareth will be home for the weekend!!!!!!!




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