Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Crochet day and a picnic

Dearest Mom and Dad

Mushroom stroganoff for dinner.

My crochet project and a little purse thing that I made a few years ago and then recently I "fussed" up.

Karyn, who comes to my crazy classes invited us to a day of crochet at her house. So, Jane and I packed up our stuff and headed off.

Lots of crochet projects were on the go.

Karyn fed us all day - delicious vegetarian meal. She informed us that this was the first meal she had ever cooked without meat!

It was so good to sit there amongst my "students" and enjoy their company instead of busily teaching them. Karyn did remark on how quiet I was.

Karyn has the most beautiful on the water.

A plant I spotted on ONE of her decks.

On Sunday, Vaughn and I went for a picnic at the Maleny Botanical gardens.

We have been there before, so we knew that we could take Bon and George.


Beautiful day.

Interestingly, enough, it is owned by ex South Africans who come from Durban. Kan jy nit glooi?

I took my camera and tried to remember how to use it.

Sometimes I had other things to distract me.

It is not really a traditional botanical garden - and in saying that, I don't really know what I mean. Its open and uncluttered - sort of modern, in a way.

We cant wait until December when Gareth, Chloe, Button and Gus can enjoy the day with us.


It was a big day. Bon enjoyed a swim or two in the little ponds and waterfalls. Bon loves George and always waits for him - he is now quite slow and sometimes a bit confused. A lovely thing for him in his twilight years; as you know Squash did think that George was a bit beneath him.

I am missing you terribly at the moment.
All my love

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