Sunday, September 27, 2015

Canberra, wedding venue and a dog with no name.........

Dearest Mom and Dad
Here's hoping that your computer issues have been sorted.

Yes, I am wearing a cauliflower hat and Katrina a broccoli hat! Katrina made them for Chloe's first assembly with her class. But after a few glasses of wine ...........................

Button and Gus.

Chloe and Gareth took us to where they will be getting married. A historic homestead in Canberra. Gareth and Button!

Many options available for the ceremony. I liked this one. The owner sprinkles bread onto the grass near the fence and the cows gather for photos etc.

Vaughn and Button in front of one of the oldest water towers in Oz.

My little family is growing!

This is the area that the convicts were housed. If these floor boards talk.

All so very pretty and rustic.

I can imagine some very lovely photos been taken here.

Bride and groom.

So this is our new addition. I still have not found a name that suits her. I have a feeling that we have our hand full.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO intelligent. A little frightening actually.

Sorry, back to the wedding venue. The cows bread was involved.

This is the barn where the reception will be held - it will be decorated with fairy lights and tulle etc. I love it.

All my love

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