Monday, September 14, 2015

At long last..............................a blog post

Dearest Mom and Dad
Apologies for the lack of posts but I Have been a bit sad of late (missing you terribly) and I have been busy teaching - not very conducive to happy blog posts!!

Anyway, the weather has been glorious - so has the sea - beautiful to swim in - clear and calm.

I never get to go to workshops (quilting) anymore - and I miss that. I suppose I am too busy teaching myself  but the local quilt shops very rarely hold workshops. I have no idea why because Australia have so many great teachers.............but any way. As you know I have been a bit obsessed about Boro for a while now. It is an ancient form of Japanese darning - and I LOVE it.
I spent the best day a few weeks ago doing a Boro class with the Boro Queen - Akiko Ita from Japan.
Oh Mom, she is wonderful. Gracious and generous - and speaks no English - she uses an interpreter. Her story is wonderful, although on the day she did not speak of her life - just about boro and why she does it. I read up on her later. She spent all her life looking after both sets of parents, bringing up her children and helping in her husbands business and then she did what she wanted to do - she now travels the world!
Its strange because Western quilting teachers tend not to share their expertise further than what they are teaching on the day. Their work is not to be photographed and not to be touched. Akiko was so different - even her ancient boro garments were draped over us and we were encouraged to touch etc.
 This is one of her pieces of boro - all antique fabric used.

Here she is - evidently she loves having her photo taken!

Akiko and her granddaughter.

How happy do I look!!! Stimulated and intrigued ........................

My boro completed in her class.

Back to reality and have started spring cleaning - this rag rug Marie gave to me drying in the sun.

This vintage poster (I bought for Gareth a few years ago) is going to Canberra to hang in his new home.

Karyn bought these amazing cupcakes to class the other day - not only were they beautiful they were delicious too.

So pretty.

Karyn also made these bouquets for her new daughter-in-laws wedding.

The photograph does not do them justice - they were lovely.

Chloe woke up one morning to find Gus sound asleep on her new couch - even resting his head on a cushion!!
I cannot wait to meet him.

All my love

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