All quiet......................

Dearest Mom and Dad
Sorry about the lack of posts recently - but my mind has been elsewhere but Gareth is on the mend now, as you know.

I found this little cup and saucer at an op shop - not the best - but I love its little feet.

Squash has not been very happy lately - she has had the itches so back onto medication for her.

I made spicy carrot and lentil soup with parmesan toast the other night - it was pretty good.

Gareth and Chloe on their way to the prize giving dinner - as you know he did very well there too. Unfortunately, it did mean that he had to get up on stage twice - and he was only out of hospital the day before.

George got into a fight the other day - he was really shaken by it - thank goodness Vaughn was there to rescue him.

We have some good days lately.

Button was out and about!

And I bought the world's ugliest brown teapot - could not resist it.

So, Vaughn and I set up the computer room - ready for the next 5 months working - I think this time it will go a lot faster because we know what we are doing now.
 I am sure that my posts for the next few months will be as boring as this one, as I will not be getting out as much.
All my love


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