The photos, as you requested or demanded!

Dearest Mom and Dad
Herewith the photos of Vaughn's labour.
The sewing room with its new table (ugly but very functional from our neighbour a few houses down from us). The chairs from a friend/student of mine -she had a garage sale and I got first dibs because Cathy invited me to help set the garage sale up!!! Bonus! I do have good friends!!!

Big book shelve thing Vaughn built.

Inside of the cupboard that runs the length of the double garage!

With the doors closed to hide the mess!!

Bloody good, I say!

This is the calendar which you will never receive! Thanks a lot South African Post $$#@#$&&^%$#

Breakfast for two after a walk/swim at the beach.

Flowers from Lee - thanking me for hosting the "garage people' twice a month.

The outside of the house.

The shade thing over the lounge window -plus the trellis thingy for the jasmin.

Outside our bedroom - we need some furniture!!

Happy now????
All my love


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