Holiday time with the family

Dearest Mom and Dad
As you know, it has been unbearably hot over the past few weeks - so much so, that is was too hot to sit around the pool.

But we did somehow manage ...................

It was much better when the sun went down..........

I found a little Elna Lotus (sewing machine) at a flea market and bought it for Chloe.

So we decided to make a little quilt - even Gareth got into the action. It is amazing what he picked up over the years being around me when I have quilted.

The cute little Elna and Gareth's large hands.

Breakfast made by Gareth.

Us at the beach.

After a swim - hence the bad hair!!

Gareth and Gus.


Some little gifts I made for Button ........

I reused some doilies and added some words.

Words to live by.

For her room.

I am back teaching.

PLEASE get this book - OH MY HAT! I loved it. I was mesmerised - such beautiful writing.

All my love


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