Monday, July 18, 2016

An election and a visit from Button

Dearest Mom and Dad
I am not that apolitical Dad, I did vote and I even took some photos for you! Its a low key affair here compared to South Africa.

The queue to vote..............

Some party slogans..................

However, I was more interested in the "Monster Market" billboard!

Somebody posted this photo on Instagram of voting in Sydney!

Button has been adopted of sorts by the neighbour's cat. Button is very happy about it all.

Button was not to happy about me taking photos the minute she got off the plane.

I was asked to do a few talks and set up a display of crazy to celebrate the second birthday of a quilt shop that I teach at.

It was a lovely, lovely day. Made even better by the students who helped me set it all up.

So many beautiful bits of crazy on display.

Vegetarian meals were the go.

Walks at Mooloolaba.

Photo opportunities with the not very obliging Bon.

George, on the other hand, is so deaf he has no idea what was happening.

And then it was over - back to the airport.

And goodbyes.

Time to get stuck into your quilt.

Tacking on the patio.

After some rain ....................

everything looks cleaner.

all my love

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