Flowers and stuff...........

Dearest Mom and Dad
We headed up the mountain - yes, it seems we do have a mountain here - the Peachester quilt show was on.
It is a lovely little country quilt show.

Morning tea is always first on the agenda - Jane, Margret and Cathy.

The flowers are always spectacular.

I mean, really?

Love this colour combination.

These were in the loo!

Cute little church next door.

Eye-catching quilts on display.

This one was made by Cathy!

And so was this one.

Chloe sent this photo of Gareth and Gus on their walks - this is what is just 3 minutes away from their home. Spectacular!

So was Mooloolaba!

Captain, my captain.

Enjoying some Chockits!!!!

Teaching at Maleny Magic - Bev, who owns the property has a green thumb, like you.

A few of my students are making tea cosies from my book.

A walk on the beach..........



Gus after he had buried his bone.

Hope you are both feeling better.
all my love


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