Life or lack thereof..............

Dearest Mom and Dad
So, I have come to the conclusion that I don't really have much of a life.............

but, I did manage to catch up with Elmarie for lunch at a local café. And, while I do think the tea cosy is cute, it did cross my mind as to how often it was washed.

BonBon, on the other hand is not a beauty but she has character galore.

We went to Sue and David's daughter's wedding...............

.....such a happy wedding. Sue embroidered these hearts in my classes.

I, unfortunately, do not spend as much time as I would like in my sewing room these days.

I have been making a few bags etc.

Chef Gareth has been busy too.

My clogged sinuses and I went to Dalby last weekend. The motel room was lovely and clean.

There are lots of old houses in Dalby - I love the weather beaten ones.

They seem to have a story to them.

The sky is beautiful in the country.

Country people know how to slow down and eat well.

There are lots of quaint garages along the way......

................not to mention the rest stops.

The sky!

I got home after dark on Sunday - the moon was out. No stars, Dad.

Bonnie enjoying a dip.

I have started another project - this time a scrap rug for Chloe and Gareth.

Val, one of my students bought in this MAGNIFICENT quilt to show us. It was glorious.

No more news.
all my love


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