Sydney and Canberra

Dearest Mom and Dad
No, Gareth is no going underground to men gold - he is heading off to catch some yabbies!

As you know Gareth came home for the weekend - so that meant food! He made this delicious baked chicken curry.....

I smelt devine.

Vaughn and Gareth at Point Cartwright.

Picnic at Mooloolaba.

In Sydney - Button is writing a mini series as you know. So this is how she works.............
quite amazing.......

How hard she works.............. she prefers writing on cards ....

I love Sydney........

 I want this house....

Adam, Button's flat mate grows the most amazing indoor plants.

 lovely little cafes

the layers of time

Buttons favourite - just around the corner from her house

oh my hat - to die for

on the bus to Canberra 



An afternoon swim in the river

Gus loves a swim

I LOVE this photo Chloe sent us of Gareth and Gus contemplating life.


More photos to come - this time of people.

All my love


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