It's too darn hot!

Dearest Mom and Dad,
It's been so hot and humid here - bloody awful actually. I have been spending time in my sewing room - I need to give it a tidy, sew some stuff for the wedding and get ready for teaching this year.

During my tidy ups - I find things like this.

Still trying to be healthy - it has worked! My cholesterol has dropped - woohoooo - without medication.

My book is out there.

Australia day - the weather was not all that good for the celebrations.

We nearly got caught .............

These intrepid youngsters made a huge slip and slide at Point Cartwright.

I found this 1960's sewing basket at an antique shop............

A birthday present for the very lovely Lee.

The ring pillow is done - have a look here

The copies of my book arrived..........

I love the cover....................

I popped into Elaine and Ellenore - their beer matched the book.

Gwen, one of my students, had her crazy hanging on her wall.

Our back yard....well, a few meters away.

All my love


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