Thursday, October 8, 2015

A wedding, Button and Bonnie

Dearest Mom and Dad
Button left at 8.30 on Sunday morning armed with a fruit platter and chocolate covered strawberries for Jess's house (the bride).
Vaughn was amazed that it would take nearly 6 hours for the bridal party to get dressed. That's a man for you.

They all looked so beautiful.

The wedding was held at the spit in Mooloolaba.

Beautiful Button.

Button and Vaughn after a delish lunch in Mooloolaba.

At the wedding - NO, Vaughn did not go to the wedding in a t-shirt!!'

Hair and makeup done.

I teach at Maleny and it always amazes me how different the climate is just 30 minutes form here.

I think the soil might be better too - look, what do I know about gardening....Nothing.
But the gardens in Maleny are lovely.

Embroidered flowers by Cilla in my Maleny class.

Pan fried calamari, chorizo, black garlic etc.

Just a little of my work in progress.

Missing you terribly.
All my love

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