Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A few new photos

Dearest Mom and Dad

My label on the quilt for Gareth and Chloe - I know - my labels are odd - but I like the ruggedness of them.

As you know Vaughn went to Canberra for the finals of Gareth's rugby season. This is the photo of the two captains in the Canberra Times. They look more like best buds than sworn enemies. My gorgeous son.

The game was live streamed so I kept calm drinking wine, eating chocolates and sewing!!

My companions for the weekend. Charlotte and George have mellowed in their old age. They are quite content now to share their space in the sun.

The game...................

"O Captain! My captain!"

A line out win.

Oh dear!

A gum guard - not the best look!

two on one!

They lost!!!!! The captain's speech - which I heard was so good.

The losing team. You might not be aware but the team they lost to had not won a final in 25 years!! and Gareth's team has been the champions four years in a row. I love the guy on the left - his expression.........................

One of my students bought this antique quilt to show me the - isn't it wonderful?

I love the back - the maker used shirtings. LOVE it!

Well, this area of my house was so dusty that the cobwebs had dust on them. No jokes!

I was thinking the other day - about old dogs. there is something so special about them. they calm down and their love is palpable. Special.

All my love

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