A long overdue post...........

Dearest Mom and Dad
I haven't posted in ages - so I had to go through all my photos so that means they might not be in sequence. Here goes.
As you know, it has been a bit chilly here, but that did not stop us from celebrating Debs and Jane's birthday in Mooloolaba. We all rugged up!

Another great evening!!!! Jane looks worried and Letitia looks frozen.

But the days are glorious!

While you spent a special weekend with Georgie and Bok.

Great excitement - Gareth and Chloe moved into their house - and we were sent some delightful updates.

Gareth getting into his cooking in his new kitchen.

Dad, here are a few photo's for you to enjoy!

Captain my captain.............Josh looks as though he is posing for a girlie mag!!

Serious captain.

This is the view from their little house.

First meal - I think he was over the photos by this one.

The cacti featured prominently .

Oh dear!

Oh George - always so earnest!

More photos to come.
All my love


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