Dearest Mom and Dad
As you know, the last few months have been so sad for us.
We took Squash to the beach for the last time.................(this is an older photo of her - I could not bring myself to take one on the day)

.............and were very fortunate to see a few little turtles helped on their way by the volunteers who check on the unhatched eggs.

I started this crochet project a few weeks ago - it is not turning out quite as I had hoped - but I will just "kill" it with a steam iron and it will be ok.

Can you believe that we have been in Oz for 13 years !!!!

We have not been able to go for long walks because Squash could not join us. So George is enjoying these outings again.

I am trying to work through all my unfinished projects - I chose the wrong day to baste this quilt on the patio - way too windy!

I did have a few helpers who joined me..........

The news from the doctor was not a surprise - seems I have inherited some little issues from you! Thanks MOM!

Once a month Cathy, Margret, Jane and I meet to sew - yeah right, we just drink and chat. But anyway, Cathy had this awesome gate made - web and spider!!

The latch is a spider too!

She also had a very nice table runner on the table.

And has made this truly glorious quilt.

The colours!!!

Cathy's garden is always so pretty.

With a teacup tree flourishing!!

All my love


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