No news is good news!

Dearest Mom and Dad
Sorry about the lack of posts - but life has been pretty quiet lately - but not for long.

Button's small role in the Mini -series caused quite a flurry.

The weather has been gorgeous - so Vaughn and I have spent many hours on the beach - along with some packed meals - breakfast, in this case.

I am back to walking/running with Debs in the morning - I finish off with a swim. Perfect way to start the day.

Sue had a birthday - so that meant a picnic dinner at Mooloolaba.

Fun times with special people.

I am back teaching in a big way - with lots of new classes.

Chloe is so - sweet she sends me photos of Gareth!

I have decided to finish off some quilts that have been lying around for years. This quilt is definitely not one of my favourites - when pre-cut fabrics came out a few years a go I decided to give them a go. Never again!

As you know, Santa gave me this camera - its a tad complicated, so I am off to do a photography course this weekend.

Life is good.

All my love


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