Still chilling!

Dearest Mom and Dad
Button and I headed off to the Woodford Folk festival for New Year.

Its sort of in the country.

Its huge - so we needed some maps and map readers!

It was hot, hot hot.

At midnight there are no loud fireworks or noise - its very quiet!
Quite lovely in fact.

Leah and Button with matching butterfly wings..

Gareth has turned out to be quite the chef!

And he was very happy to have found some "Castle"!

The dangers of living in the house of a quilter - packets of sewing needles suck to sweaty backs!

Chloe and I have walking most days!!

and doing a few press ups................... every bench we came across....

We walked all together ............

Squash still has to be carried.

We have tried to do something different everyday - the Peregian markets were lovely and so was breakfast and a swim at the beach.

Gareth and Chloe ...............

AND we found some gem squash - great excitement!!!!!

Our dinners on the patio are always a feast and a happening - Carol would be impressed.

SOOOOOO much food.

Party central.

I feel blessed.

Wish you were here.


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