Another week - another dinner with the girls!!

Dearest Mom and Dad
The Buderim Craft Cottage, where we go once a week, was not available soooooooooooooooo it was the perfect excuse to have another dinner together!!!

Sue made us each a little sewing bag......................... As far as dinners go, this was one of the best!!

George, on the other hand, finds it all a bit much!! He especially does not like the sound of champagne bottles being opened!

Button had the last fundraiser for the play - this time it was a 80's party at a local hotel in Paddington!!
Chloe's entire outfit was her Mom's from the 80"s!!

Gorgeous Gareth and Beautiful Button!!

Button having a ball................

Hugging someone!!

It was a great success and lost of money raised - I cannot believe that it opening night next Thursday!! All our flights are booked and our little family will be there en masse to support Button!!

This is my favourite recipe at the moment - pearl couscous, harissa, chargrilled eggplant, roasted pumpkin, fetta and baby spinach!!!

Charlotte has become sooo sociable of late - sits with me at night!!

I acquired this succulent the other - different with the little brown marks on the leaves. Do you have one like this?



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