"An extreme weather event"

Dearest Mom and Dad
Well, as I am posting the weather is absolutely awful - in fact I am terrified!!! SIX tornadoes hit Bundaburg - the system is moving down the coast.............towards us!!!
On a lighter note - as you know it was Australia Day yesterday - so as ex-cyclone Oswald (or whatever his name is) was bearing down on us, Debs and I ran the 5km Parkrun - all dressed up in Aussie stuff.
Here are some perfect strangers who posed for me!!!!

After the run - there were some lammingtons .......................

Another total stranger posing with me........................I seem to be having a bad hair day! I wonder why she was wearing a pink veil???


The stranger really got into the photo shoot!!!!

The weather yesterday - that is rain poaring off the patio roof - help me, help me!!!!

To keep busy I made a lime and coconut cake!!!!!!!!!!!!
Give it a go - it was delish and easy!!!!

Lime and coconut cake

2 limes - zest and juice
50 dessicated coconut
175g softened butter
175g castor sugar
175g self raising flour
3 eggs beaten

2 cups sifted icing sugar
1 lime -zest and juice

Zest limes and set aside
Soak coconut in lime juice for 1 hour
Preheat oven to 170
Sift flour, add coconut, butter, zest, eggs and sugar
Beat with electric beater until light and fluffy
Pour into baking container - I used a ring tin
Bake for 35-40 min (mine came out at 25min)
Cool completely

Mix sifted icing sugar, juice and zest to form a thick paste and spread over the cake
PS I am doing the blog for the Buderim Thursday night group - pop over and see what all the girls are up to...


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