On the home straight - I think!!!!

Dearest Mom and Dad
As you know my 3 days in Sydney turned out to be a week!!! It was lovely spending time with Button - but OH MY GOSH - she packs so much into her life!!! I was exhausted just watching her...........
The garage sales in Paddington were amazing  - found these needlepoint cushions for Button - for just a few dollars - the one on the left is beautiful...............

 As you know Button is desperate for a dog - so I bought her one!!!!!

 My neighbour's daughter - Ella - she is about 5 years old - often comes to visit me. I think she finds my messy house very interesting!! I have a funny feeling that her Mom is very very tidy!!! Anyway, she sits with me in my sewing room and loves going through all my "stuff" which we often pack into little treasure packages for her to take home - I am running out of "stuff" but found these at a garage sale - I will scatter them round the house for her to find!!!!!

 I came home and found that I really, really, really needed to air some of  my quilts!!!!!!!

 I was hoping for a windier day - so just aired some of them.....................it's funny seeing some of these quilts - I realise how old my children are and wonder where the years have gone to..................

As you know, I am a TAD addicted to instagram - I met lovely Mia on instagram - she found me when I tagged Durban - anyway while I was in Sydney I went to meet her in the flesh - she works and makes clothes for a shop in Newtown - one of my favourite areas - what a beautiful young woman she is........

 I bought this top from her shop - the front of it is linen and the rest is a knit - quite nice I thought!!!

MOM AND DAD - just a few more days and the book is DONE!!!!!! My project manager had done a superb job of managing me and the book!!!! So much so, that the editor contacts him now for any info she may need !!!!!!!!!!!!!!\


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