A visit to Canberra

Dearest Mom and Dad
So, you are both better - YAY!! And the fires seem to be under control YAY!
Life is good.
I headed off to Canberra, armed the quilt I finished for the baby.

Had some sewing to keep me busy at the airport and on the plane.

This is Gareth at the licensing department getting everything sorted for their new car. Can you believe how organised the whole setup is AND there were empty spots at the counter! Ah, Australia!


Pampered pooch!

Mom, hold on to your hat! This is the market Gareth and Chloe go to once a week.

I mean, really?

All local farmers....................

Bread makers..................

Are you jealous yet?

Quite something - the quality of the food

Anyone for apples or pears?


The happy couple and their new car.
More photos to follow.
All my love


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