Friday, March 24, 2017

Button was here!

Dearest Mom and Dad
Funny things happen when the garage people meet here - we eat, sew, chat and you can even have your blood pressure tested!

Little Tjutju has made herself quite at home - and her and Bon play all day!

Gus going to the hardware store with Gareth and Chloe.

My walking route - looking very dry before all the rain.


On my bike route to the beach. I have to confess that I am quite partial to a bit of graffiti.

At the beach - my bike locked up - time for a swim.

Gareth has decided to bike ride to work - Paul (Chloe's dad very kindly gave him the bike)

And off he goes.

Beautiul Button came home for her birthday!! Can you believe that she is 28!!!!

Tea in bed with some healthy blissballs.

Vaughn and Button.

After a very average lunch!

Button and Tjutju.

At the beach.

I used my left over wool and ugly fabrics ...........

to make this quilt...................initially for Gus to  lie on when he insists on getting onto the couch. But then we decided that his paws would catch on the wool.

It looks good, I think.

Bits of wool, frayed edges and ugly fabrics.

all my love

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