Photos and Easter

 Dearest Mom and Dad
I headed off my photography course last weekend- bloody difficult - I was confused.
Anyway, I did manage to take some photos - but as you can see, they are not all that clear!!

But anyway........................

I learned a lot!

I love tendrils!!

Gwen, from my Tuesday crazy class, had a big birthday .............

So, we celebrated.

I finished my shawl thingy - these photos are taken off the Patchwork Angel facebook page.

As, I said, it didn't turn out quite as I would have liked - so I pressed the hell out of it.
Then I was happy.

Jane gave me this delicious recipe - brown rice, roasted pumpkin, onion and chillies.

George is happy that Gareth is home.

We found this cute this coffee table made from Tassie oak at an auction a while back.

I love the base - reminds me of my childhood dining room table.
More photos to follow.


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