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Dearest Mom
So here's the thing - I am being very lazy and am loading these photos from my iPad so they are not in order - but i think you will get the gist of it all.
The Crazy Saturday girls are so generous and give each other gifts for birthdays or when they have travelled somewhere wonderful. I have been a bit slack of late so I gave all my gifts at once - I made them each a bottle top pincushion...................

Debbie and Jacoba made us each a button bag and sewing back. This one is Sharon's - she was very quick to fill it with her button stash.............

Sandra arrived with these beautiful cupcakes!!!!

I told you that theses photos are not in order!!!!! This is what the button bag looks like when it is closed....

Debbie and Jocoba (Mom and daughter) colour matched each bag to suit the recipient..........This is Sharon and Lynnly admired their gifts...

The classroom at the Patchwork Angel filled with crazy stuff!!!

Sharon had a holiday in Fiji since we saw her last - she bought as each a bar of soap. I love nice smelling soap!!!

See what I mean about colour coding the bags? Sharon's matches the scarf she was wearing!!!!

My plate - I had both chocolate cake and a cupcake!!!!

Lynnly's black, white and red bag. (Oh I hope I have the spelt her name correctly!!!)

Here are my little pincushions wrapped and ready to go!!!

Another lovely Saturday morning spent with some lovely people!!!!


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